Name: Earth

Terrain: It’s… well, Earth

Colonized: We came from here…

History: Earth’s history is long, so this will only cover that part of the past that is significant to us now. The timeline begins in the 2100’s. This is the time of the second space race and the dissolution of the UN in favor of the Uniting Council, which was comprised of many more countries. Only an eighth of the world’s countries did not join, as the rules were surprisingly lax. In hindsight, it was rather easy to see that war would eventually break out, as common defense pacts were outlawed in favor of vague laws that did not seem to expect politicians to hunger for power.

We do not actually have any historical facts in the time period between 2500 and 3000. This short dark age was cut short by the discovery of old data and writings. The ancient civilizations from before the Apocalypse were looked upon as utopians. Music disks, movies, and other types of media were preserved and technology began to return. Of course, the ever present 451 bills were written almost immediately after the Joint Countries of Earth was formed. The Southern Union also has similar laws, but they are still isolationists, and we cannot gain much information from them. That’s why, when you complain that the computers are good enough to do your work for you, they can’t.

Name: New Titan

Terrain: Grassy, rolling hills and desert around equatorial regions

Colonized: 2140’s by the United States

History: Originally, New Titan was a dune planet with small pockets of water in underground springs. After being colonized in the mid-twenty-second century, New Titan was used as a military testing facility to study the effects of high gravity on several types of vehicles and other technology. Eventually, the use of underground bomb testing had cleared out so much of the planet’s crust that the gravity was slowly fading away. The spare bits of earth that were broken down from the explosions were pumped out into space to be used in other projects. Less mass over a much greater volume made the planet actually suitable for life, and therefore the US began terraforming New Titan into the lush, rolling ground it now is.

During, and before, the Apocalypse War on Earth, the US stopped sending transmissions and supplies as the colony was still in its growing stage, and therefore it became a farming world with little advanced technology. By the 3020’s, New Titan was once again repopulated with advanced colonists from the JCE who merged with the current populous. By the time of the St. Mariana incident in 3255, New Titan had become the trade center for most Terran businesses and also the leader in military personnel and technology.

Name: Maroona

Terrain: Water-based planet dotted with dense, small islands. Terrain on the archipelagos varies, but is generally tropical jungle. Maroona also has very large polar ice caps.

Colonized: 2170’s by Russia

History: Maroona was a planet that was already full of plant life when it was colonized. Terraforming was a short process and consisted of little more than adding breathable air to the atmosphere. Actual plant life across the world was not affected by this, and still grows in its natural habitat, which was completely unexpected. Due to the hardy, exotic plant life, Maroona is, and always has been, a residential colony. Early on, it was reserved for only wealthy individuals and their families who could afford to keep contact with their businesses and other suppliers of food and such.

After the end of the Apocalypse War, Maroona kept to itself, preserving the culture of its inhabitants until the reemergence of space travel from Earth. By that time, the families were mostly tired of isolation and a massive expansion took place. In 2155, during the St. Mariana assault, Maroona had a population rivaling Earth and was one of the most desirable places to live.

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