Dandy and Company

One of the funniest and longest running strips online. It’s full of prank-heavy dogs, insane stories, and awesome adventures. Oh, and Mr. Fluffy.

Ozy and Millie

My first webcomic. *sigh* O&M is a very popular strip that updates every weekday and is about two outcast fox kids and their adventures. There’s some real depth to this jewel here. Definitely a recommended read.

Exterminatus Now!

Well… it looks like Sonic the Hedgehog and smells like napalm in the morning. This once-a-week comic is full of action and jokes. Quite well drawn, too.

Woods for the Trees

A newer comic made by another fan of O&M. This one’s about a group of canines living in England, as the writer’s a Brit, and a rather cool one at that.. Lots of cool references, and the jokes are always funny.

Dominic Deegan

Story-driven comic with a ton of pun. This one has a rather anime-style to it’s art, but it’s very high quality. Also updates every single day of the week. Some of the best fantasy reading out there.


One of the mainstream comics I read. This one is based around video games and such, but still has a lot of character-based stories. Very, very recommended.

VG Cats

Another mainstream video game comic. Updates once a week, and always looks nice. The jokes aren’t always funny, but some are drop dead hilarious.


This is the newest comic I have. It strays far from my usual, and is excellent. Best art I’ve ever seen in a comic, online or off. Takes place during the US prohibition era and has a very well-developed story.


Goblins is a fantasy comic that focuses around… well, goblins. It takes place within a D&D sort of game, but has a certain feeling to it. A very good piece of work.


Jack. You either love it or hate it. Me? I love it. Rated AO, and for good reason. The story’s a keeper. Just… read… it! Best for last, I must say.

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