I’ve always loved comics, starting off with Garfield and then, later on, Calvin and Hobbes and eventually the amazing allure of web-based comics. However, I’ve never had the knack for making funny, one-off gags, and I found myself more suited to writing books and such more than comics. Eventually, I discovered the wonders of making a graphic novel. It started with a simple Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic in which I made a rather crummy looking collection of immature, but at least distinguishable, pages.

Around sixth grade or so, I came up with a bit of a war scenario after watching a rather cool CGI show called Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. It was a huge science fiction series that focuses around a single squad of soldiers fighting across space, and I found that I loved the concept. I’ve always had a soft spot for high-adrenaline gun-slinging adventures, which is evident in most of what I do.

Of course, I’m a writer and always will be, so I couldn’t have anything like that horrid bit of fecal matter called the Doom comic, even though it had a lot of action and guns. I wanted more to my comic. I wanted characters you could really get along with, or just hate, depending, of course, on who it was. But then again, I wanted them to be realistic. It was hard to really come up with the cast, in all truth, but I really like how all of my characters turned out.


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